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Trailcraft Commercial has been the culmination of over 60 years of collective experience in both the Australian & International boat building industry. Spearheaded by Brett Martin of Saltwater Marine in Fremantle, this new collaboration delivers vessels of extreme quality, utilizing worldwide manufacturing standards at significantly lower build prices. The collaboration is made up of the following key partners:

  1. Schwetz Marine Design, Naval Architects – Fremantle Western Australia
  2. Jiangyin Marine Manufacture – Jiangyin China
  3. Saltwater Marine – Fremantle Western Australia



Consider Design When Selecting Commercial Boats


Commercial boats are used for many types of business that take place across or on the open waters. Therefore, they must be seaworthy, durable, and cost effective. Work boats must make use of every inch of space, in order to help those who operate them get the most for their time and effort.

Trailcraft commercial vessels are designed with all these factors in mind. They are also designed by a master Naval architect, who understands the needs of captains of large and small vessels, and the reasons for purchasing new boats.


Schwetz Marine Design


schwetzAn integral part of the collaboration is the utilization of a “local” experienced Naval Architect. Adam Schwetz has been a leading Australian designer for over 20 years and specializes in aluminium vessels from 6 metres to 20 metres. Adam has a library of over 1000 designs and provides a complete package from the initial general arrangement and 3D modelling – right through to the full set of building drawings, full CAM/CAD nesting’s, stability and incline modelling. Schwetz designs are designed to meet any Australian survey requirements and all USL shipping codes or NSCV or equivalents. They also feature leading edge “Double Knuckle” reverse chine designs and are internationally renowned for their sea keeping abilities.



Partnering with Schwetz Design has been integral to the success of Trailcraft Commercial and offers the ability to have a “man on the ground” locally who understands all the Australian survey requirements intimately and can liaise directly with the client to ensure 100% compliance and 100% suitability of end product produced.

Once the vessel design has been agreed upon, utilizing the latest CAM/CAD computer technology a full set of parts nesting’s are produced – which are then able to be sent to a CNC computer cutting device anywhere in the world. An example of this is pictured below-


In addition to this, Schwetz design also provides the boat builder a full set of “Builders drawings” which provide a step by step process to the building procedure. Some examples of these are also pictured below-


Here’s a few more examples too –


Jiangyin Marine Manufacture (China)

jiangyinJiangyin Marine Manufacture is a privately owned Marine Manufacturing company and is one of the largest Marine Manufacturing companies in China, based in Jiangyin City in the Jiangsu province of China. The company has been operating for over 20 years and is one of only three approved suppliers to the Chinese Military. They hold several “Patents” for marine equipment and are ISO approved. They are also named on the eligible list of weaponry suppliers and equipment for the Chinese Navy. They have 2 main manufacturing plants with a total area of over 100,000 sqm of manufacturing buildings. Given their extensive experience in plate aluminium construction, one of Australia’s favourite recreational boat brands “Trailcraft” (previously owned by Brett Martin of Saltwater Marine) was sold to Jiangyin Marine Manufacture approx 2 years ago, and subsequently have been manufacturing this product to an exceptional level of quality. During this time over 300 Trailcraft boats have been produced by JMM and Trailcraft continue to be the biggest selling Plate Aluminium trailer boat in the world.


The general construction of the Trailcraft Commercial vessels is conducted in China by Jiangyin Marine Manufacture under supervision from both Schwetz Naval Architects and Saltwater Marine (as project manager). Jiangyin Marine Manufacture produces the Trailcraft Commercial boats to the exact specifications of the drawings and then ships the vessels to Saltwater Marine in Fremantle Western Australia.


All Trailcraft Commercial vessels are produced from DNV aluminium which is imported from France. All welding is in accordance with “required welding diagrams and procedures” supplied by survey authority at the Department of Transport Perth.


Saltwater Marine (Fremantle Western Australia)

brettOwned by Brett Martin; Saltwater Marine has been at the same location in Fremantle for over 19 years. Saltwater Marine has been the exclusive Mercury Outboard dealer for this entire period and has a team of 7 full time fully trained outboard motor technicians and electrical fitout technicians. During the last 19 years Saltwater Marine has sold and fitted out approx 1000 vessels and continues to be one of the leading Marine dealerships in Western Australia. Saltwater has extensive experience in all aspects of survey compliance in small vessels inc design and installation of manual bilge systems with multiple pick up points to multiple valve manifold mainframe, all electrical installations including multiple battery systems, inverters, battery charges, auto-pilots and sounder GPS units. Saltwater also has an intimate understanding of all under floor fuel piping requirements including emergency shut off valves and fire protection systems. Along with the initial outboard installations inc twin ram hydraulic steering units. Saltwater Marine has had a long association with Western Australia’s leading parts suppliers and only utilizes the best quality products available to the market.


Once arrived into Fremantle, the vessels are then collected by Saltwater Marine who then customs fits and adjusts vessel to the Custom Trailer and then completes the entire fitout of the vessel in consultation with the assigned surveyor from the dept. of Transport.

This process begins from under the floor where all fuel and bilge systems are installed – allowing for hull welding inspections to be carried out by dept. of Transport. Following this, Saltwater Marine provide the entire package on site in Fremantle including full safety equipment. Upon the completion of the fitout, Saltwater Marine (in conjunction with the Naval Architect) conducts all sea trials and stability and incline testing and upon approval- provide the client with survey certification certificate.


Recent Deliveries: Berkeley River Wilderness Lodge

Trailcraft Commercial recently delivered the above vessel to the Berkeley River Wilderness lodge. The vessel was delivered in full 2C survey and meet all stability, speed, carrying capacity and performance criteria.



Trailcraft Commercial has the capability and capacity to design and construct virtually any type of vessel for use in the marine sector. Whether your use is Oil & Gas, Fishing, Diving or any other commercial application – Trailcraft Commercial can provide you quality products with “cost effective” pricing to ensure you get the right vessel for the right job.

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