Trailcraft sets the industry standard for aluminium boats. We use a level of craftsmanship that our competitors do not match, making us the leader in the industry. A Trailcraft boat can last a customer a lifetime.

Our boats feature a welded hull and a sealed, self-draining boat floor that make these vessels nearly sink-proof. Other manufacturers stitch weld or rivet their boats and use a lighter grade of aluminium. They are not as durable as our special vessels. We also offer built-in fuel tanks and a Sure Ride Hull design.

We manufacture a full range of boats that use the latest in design technology. Our commitment to updating our CAM/CAD system ensures that we produce only quality components and build each boat to the same exacting specifications.

Trailcraft has an impeccable history of manufacturing excellence that we are committed to maintain. Our customers can count on us to deliver a superior product every time.

For ease of use we have broken our Trailcraft sub-page down into two key sections. The first contains information directly related to our manufacturing plant in China. The second provides additional information to the range directly available in Australia.

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