The manufacturing powerhouse of the world!

Over the past 21 years, thousands of Australians have voted Trailcraft to be the number 1 choice when buying a boat, and now, boating enthusiasts in other countries around the world are proud owners of a Trailcraft boat too.

To cater for this growing demand, Trailcraft Australia recently joined forces with one of the world’s leading marine manufacturers, opening a new, state of the art, 90,000 square metre factory in China.

In early 2011 Trailcraft was sold to the massive Jiangyin Marine Equipment Manufacture Company – incorporating – Jiangyin Ocean Sincere Shipyard Steel Co., Ltd.Based in Jiangyin city – which is approx 3 hours car drive inland from Shanghai.

Jiangyin Marine Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd was founded in 1993, and is located in Jiangyin Developing Zone in south of Yangzi River with scenic scene. There is only one km to Jiangyin Yangzi River Bridged and Jing Hu (Beijing-Shanghai)

It is an expert consultation member of the Marine and Offshore Technical Committee of Ship Equipment and Desk Technical Committee of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC8/SC4). The company holds four practical patents of the garage gate of helicopter etc. It obtained the ‘marine airproof door’, ‘marine lightweight fireproof board’ etc., total five technological product awards. It is appointed manufactory of marine metal fitment by the Mounting Department of Chinese Navy.

The company’s main products are as follows: various standard and non-standard marine doors, hatch, lid, ladder, metal fitment, inner wainscot, ceiling, sanitation unit, marine seat, rescue life boat davit, winch, the platform equipment of the helicopter and the other equipment.

The company carries out the GB/T19001 2000 quality system and the GJB 9001-2001 standard which has already passed the approval and audit by the secondary party. It was also named on the eligible supplier list of naval weaponry equipment. The multi-marine product obtained the marine product type approval certificate by CCS, LR, ABS, GL, DNV, BV, NK and EC.

The company is composed of two factories. The old factory occupies 28,000 ㎡. Last year, due to the rapid expansion of business, a new factory was built up along the Long River with area of 66,000 sqm.

There have been a few marine manufacturing companies go to China for manufacturing but most have orchestrated contract agreements. Whereby, they simply contract the building of the products out to the cheapest bidder.

This is totally different with Trailcraft where Jiangyin Marine Equipment Manufacturer own the brand.

They have enormous brand commitment and dealer loyalty.


002 ocean master 640 003

Trailcraft joins forces with one of the world’s biggest marine manufacturers.

003 ocean master 640 006

 The same innovative designs, the same high quality construction at even better prices.

004 china 4 011

Trailcraft Australia dealers visit our new China factory.

006 china nov 12 007

Our International agents also visited our new factory.

007 china 4 016

Trailcraft Dealers and Agents inspecting boats under construction on our factory tour.

008 china 009

Trailcraft’s state of the art, fully computerised, laser profile cutting machine.

009 china 4 024

Trailcraft Plate aluminium boat under construction.

Commercial Boat

Highly skilled tradesmen ensure all Trailcraft boats are built to the highest standards

China, Nov 2012

 Fully etched priming. Part of the comprehensive two stage painted process.

China, Nov 2012

State of the art painting booth and equipment ensures high standard, top quality finish.

Trailer & Tug Boats

All boats are thoroughly washed and cleaned ready for inspection.

China, March 2012

 Every Trailcraft boat is inspected by our Quality Assurance team.

Trailer & Tug Boats

Hundreds of Trailcraft boats ready for delivery to Australia and around the world.

China, Nov 2012

 Every Trailcraft boat is individually wrapped in heave duty plastic for maximum protection.

China, Nov 2012

Boats are loaded into containers and shipped directly to all ports around the world.

Berkeley River

 Trailcraft also manufactures high quality commercial boats.

Berkeley River

All Trailcraft commercial boats are fully compliant with Australian 2C survey standards.

Berkeley River

 This Trailcraft commercial boat was built for the Berkeley River in WA’s northwest, for fishing carters.


We are proud of our new Trailcraft factory and we would like to share our story with you.