Trailcraft is the biggest producer of Plate Alumium Trailer Boats in the World

Over the last 16 years Trailcraft has built and sold over 6500 boats with dealers throughout the world, including Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Europ and Canada.

With sales based mostly in Australia we have exhibited at every major Australian boats show for the last 16 years. We are without question a “top of mind” boat brand within the Australian market.

Trailcraft has become a “Trustmak” for quality, safety and durability, it’s also synonymous with value for money and exceptional resale value.


Trailcraft has a massive point of difference from our competitors (both nationally and internationally) being that Trailcraft are a fully welded hull and have a sealed self – draining aluminum floor. The benefit of this is that the boats are virtually unsinkable as the underfloor area of the boat is fully sealed, airtight and watertight.

The overwhelming predominance of international competitors build from a lighter grade of aluminum (pressed) and are mostly stitch welded or riveted together, This does not give the boats a very long life span, compared to that of a Trailcraft.



Trailcraft has spent the last 14 years developing a range of 49 different models within our fleet. WE have sizes from 4.80m to 8.00 metres, and styles including cabin boats, centre consoles, runabouts, open boats, bow rider and hardtops. All these boats have generic international appeal and suit all market worldwide.



Over the last 14 years Trailcraft has continued to update and improve on their designs.

Given that Australia has some of the roughest sea conditions in the world, it has been the perfect environment to test the performance of the hulls and designs. With 6500 Traicraft Boats on the water in Australia, Trailcraft have a reputation of the best “sea boats” available for sale anywhere in the world.



In any brand, consistency in the product offered is extremely important, given increasing customer expectations.

A very large part of Trailcraft’s historical and future business plan has been the accuracy and constant updates of out BOM’s.

As part of this, over the last 10 years Trailcraft has allocated significant resources to drawing and recording every aluminum componemt that is required to build a trailcraft Boat and loading them into a CAM/CAD system.

We have allocated part number to all of these, which then from the basis of the Bill of Material.

Given the advent of CNC computer cutting, the nesting files are then sent to the CNC machine, which cuts out the exact components for each boat.

This ensures we build each boat to the same specification as the next.



In early 2011 Trailcraft was purchased by the messive Jiangyin Marine Equipment Manufacture Company, incorporating Jiangyin Ocean Sincere Shipyard Steel Co.,Ltd. Based in Jiangyin city, which is approx. 3 hours car drive inland from Shanghai.

Jiangyin Marine Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd was founded in 1993, and is located in Jiangyin Developing Zone south of Yangzi River.

It is an expert consultation member of the Marine and offshore Technical Committee of Ship Equipment and Desk Technical Committee of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC8/SC4). The company holds four practical patents of the garage gate of helicopter etc. It obtained the ‘marine airproof door’, ’marine lightweight fireproof board’ etc., total five technological product awards. It is appointed manufacturer of marine metal fitment by the Mounting Department of Chinese Navy.

The company carries out the GB/T1901 2000 quality system and the GJB 9001-2001 standard which has already passed the approval and audit by the secondryparty. It was also named on the eligible supplier list of naval weaponry equipment. The multi-marine product obtained the marine product type approval certificate by CCS, LR, ABS, GL, DNV, BV, NK and EC.

The company is comprised of two factories. The original factory occupies 28,000 m2. Last year, due to the rapid expansion of business, a new factory was built up along the Long River with area of 66,000 sqm.

There have been a few marine manufacturing companies go to China for manufacturing but most have orchestrated contract agreements. Whereby, they simply contract the building of the products out to the cheapest bidder.

This is totally different with Trailcraft where Jiangyin Marine Equipment Manufacturer own the brand.

They have enormous brand commitment and dealer loyalty.


The main competitive edge that Trailcraft has had in the marketplace has been its unique “Features & Benefit.” These are listed as follows –

1] Plate Aluminum construction

All Trailcraft boats are made from the highest grade marine “Plate Aluminum” Trailcraft boats from 4.80m to 5.90m use 3mm plate sides and 4 mm plate bottom The larger size boats from 6.25m to 8.00m use 4mm sides and 5mm bottom. Plate aluminum is mainly sued in much larger vessels i.e. Shipbuilding, given its strength and rigidity. It is a thicker material, but most importantly has a much greater temper and is a lot denser that traditional rolled or pressed aluminum.

The benefit of this type of material is that you are able to fully weld the material to itself, without having to stitch weld into an extrusion frame. This means, the boat can be completely welded in total and become” one piece” and therefore incredibly solid and tough.

2] Fully Sealed Self Draining Aluminum Deck

Most of the aluminum boats on the market are constructed using the lighter gauge softer material, in which case they have a wooden floor, which is screwed down to a sub frame.

This leaves a gap between the side of the hull and the floor, meaning if any water comes into the boat, it drains into the hull compartment and relies on a bilge pump to pump out of the boat.

All Trailcraft Boats come standard with an aluminum floor that is welded (in its entirety) directly to the side sheets, meaning that it completely seals the underfloor area of the boat, making it completely “air tight” and “water tight”, which makes the boat virtually unsinkable.

As discussed, this is achieved by using the denser Plate Aluminum material.

3] Foam Floatation

As part of Trailcrafts ongoing commitment to safety, we have now included on all models foam floatation as standard. Being fire retardant and water resistant this foam complies with Australian and International requirements.

4] Full Walk through transom Door&Deluxe Dive Ladder

Exclusive to Trilcraft, again because of the Plate Aluminum construction, all Trilcraft come standard with their feature.

Numerous boating journalists are quoted as saying that “this transom setup in the best in the industry and has set the standard for all other manufacturers to follow”.

5] Sure Ride Hull Design

Considerable research and development has gone into the design of the Trailcraft hulls. We have achieved the optimum balance between stability, ride comfort, dryness and overall offshore performance that tough Australian conditions demand.

6] Built in Fuel Tanks

All Trailcraft Boats come standard with built in fuel tanks. The tanks are located underfloor and all have access hatches for easy serviceability. Standard with fuel senders and adequately baffled for additional safety and stability. All fuel tanks are pressure tested and signed off under a rigorous quality control system.